Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lovely Discovery - Wednesday

Today we're gonna share our discoveries on Striped Straws.  Have you ever drank with one in your glass?  We are so happy for you if you've had the experience.  Those things are just so cute and adorable aren't they?  We've been wanting to experiment making them but we don't have a reason to do so...yet.  Nevertheless, there's absolutely nothing wrong with finding some tips on how to make them, right?  

So here's some lovelies that we found:-

Striped Straws - Valentine

Of course, it doesn't have to be Valentine's for you to do this.  This is gorgeous for couples, or even for a themed event.  The possibilities are endless.  I (Susan) am day dreaming already..hehe.

Go HERE for the complete how-to.

Washi Your Workspace

Eeeeek!!Sorry...I'm so hyped and excited when I saw having an acute sugar rush!  Haha!

These are so freakin' cute!  Won't you be so happy to go to these for work?  They just fill up your workspace with cheers and happiness!  Hehe!  Yup!  I am very high alright!  Haha!  But caution, only do this to your own belongings...not your colleagues' and definitely not your bosses'!  Haha!

Well, they too have a complete how-to column on this so hop on to Brit + Co for your sugar rush!  I mean...the tips.  Hehe.   

And that wraps up our discoveries today.  We don't want to overwhelm ourselves too much.  Hehe.

Toodles all and have a great day ahead :D.

God bless.

Susan & Evonne


Friday, June 21, 2013

Double Trifold Shutter Card

Evonne and I didn't really know the existence of a Double Trifold Shutter Card until a few months ago...about 3 months to be exact.  And that's when we were asked to make one for a wedding couple.  The first time doing it, we stretched ourselves to 7 hours straight!  We didn't know what to expect and how much time it would consume but we just went on with it till the end.  And despite being exhausted, we were so thrilled and so proud with the outcome.

Here's 3 angles of the card.

The card folded and slipped into a horizontal cover.

When you slip the card out of the cover, this is what you will see when you open it once.  It's considered the front layer of the card.

View of the card fully opened.

Sorry the pictures are limited.  We try to be very careful with posting our customers' pictures even though we were given the permission.  But from here, we're sure that now you know how they look like.  Remember the Trifold Shutter Cards we made?  Well this card is double of those.  It's 8" wide and 32" in length"!  Phew!  The process itself is not so bad actually but it's tedious when it comes to the little details.  More to the inking and shading to give it that grungy vintage look.  But I will say it again, we are very happy and proud of this creation of ours.  

We'd like to thank the lovely couple, Qhairunnisa and Mahathir for allowing us to share this with you.  Also for coming to us with this challenge and idea..not forgetting trusting us with all the work on this ;).

So peeps, if you're interested, just holler us for details.  We're always up for any challenge.  But make sure it's not last minute.  Hahaha!

Have a great weekend ahead and God bless!

Susan and Evonne


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Freebie Finds

Time to get some freebies again.  Well, July is just in a couple of weeks and then Halloween will follow suit in 3 months times so I (Susan) thought finding some freebies for them would be fun.

Here's 3 freebies I found.  Hope they're fun and useful for you :)

Fourth of July Printables

Free 4th of July Party Printables! #free #party
For those celebrating the Fourth of July and planning a party, these freebies are great and fun.  They have  Free Printable Invitations & Free Party Coordinates.

You can find the downloads HERE.

Printable Scrapbook Papers

These 2 patterned papers are among some of the cute patterned papers that you can find and print for free at Mr Printables.

You can find the downloads HERE.

Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

Halloween Mouth Stencil 

Hehe!  This is cute!  And there's about 33 other cute printable Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween here.

Go HERE for the download.

So happy printing folks!  And have a lovely day :)

God bless.

Susan & Evonne.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lovely Discovery - Wednesday

Hello there :)!  It's time for some lovely discoveries.  I (Susan) really need to see anything pretty and dreamy because when I am feeling shitty (excuse the language) and down with fever, flu, and a bad..bad cough, all I want is to curl up in bed and sleep.  But having to go to work, then the next best thing is to lift up my spirit with an overdose of pretty things.  So here's some of the things I discovered today :).  *dreaming mode starts*

Fabric Scrap Banners 

This is a perfect way to decorate your craft room, your children's room, even your own bedroom, and definitely perfect for a party's decoration ;).

You can find the tute HERE.

Summer To Do List 


For those in the cold climates, you're probably having your summer now so this is perfect for you.  Plans get listed out and checked by the end of summer, plus some pictures added to complete it as a scrapbook too.  Isn't it brilliant?

Well, I live in Malaysia and being in a tropic land it is summer almost all year round, and the rest of it is rainy season.  Which only means that we get to do all those listed stuff almost all year round too.  And it can be a yearly plan instead of a seasonal.  Hehe.  But whatever it is, this is still one brilliant idea :).

Get the tute HERE.

A DIY Faux Headboard


I was in my *why didn't I ever think of that?!* moment when I first saw this.  I squeaked and clapped my hands like a retard!  Eeeeek!  Isn't this a great idea?  Especially for those of us who has a divan bed without the headboard.  You can also have those subway art thingy printed on canvas and placed in the frames.  Hehe.

Get the tute HERE.

There's my 3 discoveries for this week.  Till then, have a great day ahead.

God bless!

Susan & Evonne

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lovely Finds & Freebies Finds

We are combining these two finds today since we missed out yesterday.  But I (Susan) must forewarn you to be prepare to get all high and jiggly because...omg...the stuff that I found are like so dreamy, brilliant, and full of awesomeness!  Okay so I probably should stop my blabbering here and just reveal my sharings here and hope you'll be as high and as jiggly as I am now!  Haha!

Here goes.  For Lovely Finds I found this site that shares 31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY Projects.  There are tons of brilliant ideas there if you go the site itself but here are some of my favs ;)

Lovely Finds

Make A Sharpie Mug

Make a Sharpie Mug

Transfer A Photo Onto a Slab Wood
Transfer a Photo onto a Slab of Wood

Create A Couch from Wooden Paletts
Create a Couch From Wooden Pallets

"Fireflies in a Jar" Night Lantern

"Fireflies in a Jar" Night Lantern

Nail Polish Key Covers
 Nail Polish Key Covers

Freebies Finds

Father's Day is just around the corner and this is one perfect ideas for gifts.  It's easy to make and not to mention cute!  Of course, you can have other gifts other than nuts..if the man is not so nutty.  Haha!  But I just love this idea :).  

Go HERE for the full tutorial.

A Nutty Father's Day Gift

Another cute freebie for today :).  This is lovely for your handmade card, or to scatter around the house for the man, and also perfect as a filler for your Project Life ;) 

Go HERE for the download.

Father's Day: Printable Trophy Dad Awards

I am still seeing stars, rainbows, and sunshines!  Haha!  I cannot wait to get to my craft table to try out any one or two of the Lovely Finds and get crafty with the Freebies Finds too.  Hehehehe!

Hope you're going to have tons of fun with them too :).  Toodles!

Susan & Evonne

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