Lovely Discovery - Wednesday

Hello there :)!  It's time for some lovely discoveries.  I (Susan) really need to see anything pretty and dreamy because when I am feeling shitty (excuse the language) and down with fever, flu, and a bad..bad cough, all I want is to curl up in bed and sleep.  But having to go to work, then the next best thing is to lift up my spirit with an overdose of pretty things.  So here's some of the things I discovered today :).  *dreaming mode starts*

Fabric Scrap Banners 

This is a perfect way to decorate your craft room, your children's room, even your own bedroom, and definitely perfect for a party's decoration ;).

You can find the tute HERE.

Summer To Do List 


For those in the cold climates, you're probably having your summer now so this is perfect for you.  Plans get listed out and checked by the end of summer, plus some pictures added to complete it as a scrapbook too.  Isn't it brilliant?

Well, I live in Malaysia and being in a tropic land it is summer almost all year round, and the rest of it is rainy season.  Which only means that we get to do all those listed stuff almost all year round too.  And it can be a yearly plan instead of a seasonal.  Hehe.  But whatever it is, this is still one brilliant idea :).

Get the tute HERE.

A DIY Faux Headboard


I was in my *why didn't I ever think of that?!* moment when I first saw this.  I squeaked and clapped my hands like a retard!  Eeeeek!  Isn't this a great idea?  Especially for those of us who has a divan bed without the headboard.  You can also have those subway art thingy printed on canvas and placed in the frames.  Hehe.

Get the tute HERE.

There's my 3 discoveries for this week.  Till then, have a great day ahead.

God bless!

Susan & Evonne


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