Thursday, June 30, 2011

Card Patterns # 120

Hi there again!  It's our 2nd post for today because I promised in my personal blog that I would post a card from Card Patterns weekly challenge.  Hehe...

Here's my take on Challenge # 120.  So happened that I had an order for a friend's sister's birthday card so I used the Challenge sketch to make the card.  The patterned papers were given by a cousin of mine from abroad, and thanks to her (jumping up and down and a retard) I had a load of fun crafting last weekend.

So enjoy the card and have a great Thursday ahead.

- Susan -

Monthly Crafting - #1

We thought it would be nice to have a monthly post on crafting, other than card making.  So this will be an on going thingy and we are going to have Guest Crafters to participate in this as well. The idea is to have this on month-end, so we will post on this on every 30th of the month.  We would probably start some give-aways soon so stay tuned for updates.

And since I got hooked on making..or rather altering..mug boxes into tissue boxes recently, I thought I would just make a start with an altered mug box that I made a couple of nights ago.  It is so addictive!  Ha!

So for Monthly Crafting #1, below are the photos of my 2nd altered mug box...turned into a Tissue Box :).  I am very happy with the outcome..except for the top opening.  It's bent and so far I couldn't figure out on how to fix it.  I probably could use a transparent cellotape to hold it together nicely.  Hmm...I should have thought of that before I took the photos, right?  Oo well...anyway, enjoy what I have here :)

And hey...before you leave, we are going to have an announcement on July 1st so hop on in then to find out what's the commotion is about.  C ya then!

- Susan -

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Have a Guest!

Yes!  For the first time in LLC, we have a Guest Crafter!  Yippie!  And we are so delighted to introduce to you our first guest for this month, our friend and fellow crafter, Alicia Shi Thu.  Alicia works as an Accountant, is a wonderful wife, and a loving mother to an adorable little princess.

She is a very talented person, and while juggling with her busy career, she can always find time to do what she loves the most, that is cooking, baking, and crafting!  In crafting, she makes really pretty handmade cards.  Her creations are simple and sweet.

Alicia started making handmade cards last 2 years back for her friends and families, and from there she also tried her crafting gift altering picture frames, and others.  Flowers and ribbons are her favourite to include in her creations, and she gets her ideas and inspirations from browsing other crafters blogs or magazines.

Please join us to welcome Alicia in this fun adventure ;).  We look forward to a long term collaboration with her here in LLC.  Below are 2 lovely cards that she created especially for LLC.  Thank you Alicia. 

Go and check out more of Alicia's work at her blog HERE.

Meanwhile, we are stepping nearer to our announcement.  So excited about it!  Hehe.

Till then, keep crafting and God bless :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

It Felt Good...

Evonne and I had our crafting session 2 Saturdays ago, after a very long time.  It felt so good to be back crafting again.  A part of me just felt so lifted high up :).  Here are some photos of the fun session.  As you can see, we crafted at my dinner table again.  I have my guess room cum craft room at the back but it's much spacier to use the dinning table.  Plus, the room looks more like a wrecked ship...hmm...let's just say the room is unfit to be used for the time being. Haha!


We're up to something (hehehe..) and we are definitely going to share it with you soon.  At the moment, we are busy getting all the neccessary done and settled.  Crossing fingers and with some prayers, we'll be able to announce to you latest by end of this week.  Unless otherwise, we'll keep you updated of the good news.

But we're not going to let you leave empty handed.  Until your next visit, below are some sneak peaks of what we're up to.  You're welcomed to guess, scratch your pretty heads, or bite your nails trying to find out what's the surprise.  So visit us often for the next update or announcement, will ya;p

God bless ;p

- Susan -
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