Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FMS #76 & PDCC #172

Hey y'all! It's Tuesday! We survived Monday, yay! Haha. 

So here are our usual challenges from Freshly Made Sketches and The Playdate Cafe! Check them out!

Colour combo: Hollyhock, Spring Bud & Azure

I don't know how on earth did hollyhock got its name but it looks pink to me haha! Anyways, these are the reveals...

Sue's card...made with love! :)

And my happy birthday card...

Oops..I just realised that my pink wasn't 'hollyhock' enough haha..gotta get my eyes checked! :p

And this time around, we managed to steer away from using our pretty butterflies (haha!) and use some paper flowers instead!

And oh, we've got some news for you! Well, Sue & I just had a really awesome time (7 hours to be exact!) last Friday night (til the wee hours of Saturday morn! uhuh, we're that crazy!!) making a double trishutter photo card for a customer of ours (Sue's hubby's colleague, who happens to be a friend's schoolmate..yup the world just got a teeny bit smaller). I have to say that this creation was our best creation yet! So very proud of the outcome :D 
We shall upload the photos soon! So stay tuned!

Have a terrific Tuesday! God bless. :)

Much love,
Evonne & Susan

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FMS #75 & PDCC #171

Hello!! It's a beautiful Wednesday in Miri! And it's the first week of March! Can you imagine that March has arrived? Too soon, don't you think! :)

Anyways, as usual, here are the challenges for this week!

Here's the reveal! Sending you some smiles today..

It's a 'Smile' card from me! :) p/s I believe that smiling is the best thing that you can do with your face! Don't you think so? And to send a smile through a simple card would surely brighten someone's day!

This week and next will be quite an adventure for Susan & I. We will be making a double trifold card (our first!) for a wedding as well as preparing for our Easter craft workshop for the youths at our church! Definately something to smile about and looking forward to it, too! 

We'll keep you guys updated on our 'adventure'! Til then, have a smiley Wednesday! :)

Much love,
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