Monday, November 21, 2011

Wide wide that it hurts!

We're listed! *wink*

Hop on to Sarawak Online Shops blog and you'll find us there, amongst other Sarawakians, passionately promoting their stuffs.

Grab the blinkie below and support us, will ya.

Meanwhile, click on our LLC Events tab to see updates on our recent Craft Workshop.

Tootles and have a great day ahead :)

- Susan -

Friday, November 18, 2011

Final Preps...

We're so excited for tomorrow's event.  We have not been doing this for so long so this is really exciting. *big smile*  We'll keep you updated on tomorrow's happening via FB.  Now we're busy doing the final preps and praying hard asking for God's guidance, blessing, and strength to carry out this event all throughout.

We cannot wait to see you there tomorrow.  Let's have tons of fun!  Yippiee!

One of the final preps - getting our name cards ready.  Yes, we still print and cut our own...we find it exciting!  Haha!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Workshop

We're having Craft Workshop this weekend!!!  Weeehoooooo!  Christmas is nearing so we thought why not do a workshop for Christmas.  As highlight, we are going to teach you how to make your very own Trifold Shutter Card for Christmas!  Yippiee!  There'll be some other fun stuff in store for you as well.  And by any luck, you could also bring back some prizes along with your TS card. *wink wink*

So if you're from any Anglican church in Miri or from other churches that we've invited, come and participate in this event.  Call or email us for any enquiries. We promise you great fun!  See you there! Hehe!

- Susan -

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gatefold Cards

After discovering the Trifold Shutter Card's technique, we were still hungry.  Hungry for other types of cards.  And I happened to browse a blog of a lady who's also doing the Trifold Shutter Card, when I saw that she also has ventured on another card type; the Gatefold Card.

Her card was gooorrggeeooouusss, I tell you!  I couldn't take my eyes off of it for about 30 seconds.  Haha!  And I also found out that the technique to do the card is a lot more simpler than the Trifold Shutter card.  I didn't wait long because as we reached home that night, after getting whatever needed to be done in the household, and got the little man to sleep, I headed straight to 'work'.  Within less than an hour, my first ever Gatefold card is almost done.  I only needed to add a large gold ribbon to complete it and was so happy with the outcome after I got the large ribbon (bought it from a craft shop nearby) the next day, and adhered it to the card.  Yippiee!

From then on, I have made another 5 more Gatefold cards!  Here, I am going to share 2 of them with you first.  Enjoy peeps and keep crafting.  Tootles!

P/s  Would you like us to make a Trifold Shutter Card or a Gatefold Card for you?  Email or call or holler us to order with your details, and preferences, and we'll get them done for you ;p

First Card

Second Card

- Susan -

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