Double Trifold Shutter Card

Evonne and I didn't really know the existence of a Double Trifold Shutter Card until a few months ago...about 3 months to be exact.  And that's when we were asked to make one for a wedding couple.  The first time doing it, we stretched ourselves to 7 hours straight!  We didn't know what to expect and how much time it would consume but we just went on with it till the end.  And despite being exhausted, we were so thrilled and so proud with the outcome.

Here's 3 angles of the card.

The card folded and slipped into a horizontal cover.

When you slip the card out of the cover, this is what you will see when you open it once.  It's considered the front layer of the card.

View of the card fully opened.

Sorry the pictures are limited.  We try to be very careful with posting our customers' pictures even though we were given the permission.  But from here, we're sure that now you know how they look like.  Remember the Trifold Shutter Cards we made?  Well this card is double of those.  It's 8" wide and 32" in length"!  Phew!  The process itself is not so bad actually but it's tedious when it comes to the little details.  More to the inking and shading to give it that grungy vintage look.  But I will say it again, we are very happy and proud of this creation of ours.  

We'd like to thank the lovely couple, Qhairunnisa and Mahathir for allowing us to share this with you.  Also for coming to us with this challenge and idea..not forgetting trusting us with all the work on this ;).

So peeps, if you're interested, just holler us for details.  We're always up for any challenge.  But make sure it's not last minute.  Hahaha!

Have a great weekend ahead and God bless!

Susan and Evonne



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