Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekly Challenge # 25

Good day everybody! The sun's out today after a week of rainy days..yay, hehe! So, for this week's challenge, I've decided on the theme 'Chinese'! Well, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. It's on 14th February to be exact. Yup, sharing it's day with Valentine's Day too! How often do you get that huh? ;)

For this week's challenge, I printed out a lion dance picture which I got from the web and coloured it with my colour pencils (yup, primary school art class is back in session..haha, kidding!) and decked it with flowers as well. Here is my card....

LLC#WC25E (RM10)

I'll be making more Chinese New Year cards (gotta rev up my crafty engine!) and will post them up stay tuned! ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly Challenge # 24

Hey there everyone! It's Tuesday...and our Tuesday's challenge are back!! Yay!

So what's up for the first challenge for the New Year? Well, this week, it's about... all things NEW! Be it a new house, new job or a new addition for the family. As for me, I chose to make a 'Congratulations' card for a new born baby. I guessed y'all would know where I got my inspiration from..hehe. Oh yes, it's inspired by Sue's baby boy, Xavier, of course. He was born exactly 3 weeks ago! ;) And here's my baby blue card...

LLC#24E(RM10) (SOLD)

Themed in blue with colourful polka dots, I made used of a gift card and decked the card with big white ribbon and some cute buttons. :)

Well, that's all for now. Have a great Tuesday everyone! God bless! ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh man!

Helloooo everyone! It's Friday already! Wow...a week has just passed!
Well, today, we would like to feature some manly a.k.a masculine cards...hehe. Yes, the testosterones levels are up high today! :P Hahaa!

Here's a rockin' birthday card that was made recently. A friend ordered this guitar themed card & she wanted it in red, black & silver, with the wordings "U rock!" on it. It really was a challenge to make this card especially the guitar. Phewh! ;) Does this card rock? Hehee..

U rock!


Masculine cards can be quite a challenge for our tendency to make cards that are more 'floral-girly-ish' designs are on the high side..hehe. Well, we've cracked our brains & worked those crafty hands and here are some more cards that were made especially for them boys....

Golfer's card and the party goer

Left: LLC#HMC011E(RM10)(SOLD)
Right: LLC#HMC013E(RM10)(SOLD)

The Music dude and True blue
Left: LLC#HMC020E(RM15)

Right: LLC#HMC012E(RM10)(SOLD)

Wish upon a star! and The Grad
Left: LLC#HMC015E(RM15)(S
Right: LLC#HMC016E(SOLD)

21st & 57th
Left: LLC#HMC009E(RM15)(SOLD)

For more enquiries, do e-mail us at or your can just leave a comment on our blog!

Til our next update, have a great weekend ahead y'all! Live it. Love it. Craft it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Beginnings

Hellooo 2010!!
How's everyone doing? Hope you had a great Christmas & New Year celebration! Live.Love.Craft is back! And has a lot of looking forward to this year...with more ideas & creations! Yup...sound very bersemangat eh..hehe. ;)

Well, we've got two great news to share...!!

One is that Sue is now a mama! She gave birth to a beautiful & healthy baby boy on 29th December 2009! Praise God! And congrats to Sue & hubby, Alvin! :)

And our next good news is that Live.Love.Craft has been reviewed! Shia Lynn, who owns an arts & crafts blog ( & she writes about anything that has to do with creativity, approached us not too long ago & said that she's interested to do a review on us! We're so excited about it as we've never been reviewed it's really something new to us! We got our review on 28th December 2009. She featured some of our crafty creations and even has her own favourite! How awesome! And here's the link of the review. Check it out!
Thanks Shia Lynn for her wonderful review on us!! We love it! Keep it up! :)

What great news to welcome the new year, don't you think?
So here's to another great year ahead for Live.Love.Craft! Cheers! ;)
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