Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decorated Photo Frame

I decorated a white photo frame for a friend's wedding last October and forgotten to share it with you here since.  My bad.  So most of the embellishments are from K & Company's old wedding stock.  The flowers and fabric leaves were bought from random placesDecorated frames are one of the best ideas for gifts for me.  They are full of potentials and quick to make. 
Below are some of the pictures of the one I made ;)

The main front view.  I decided to have a little dreamy classic vintage theme for it.

I love playing with my new small butterflies puncher :)

The powder blue chipboard sentiment 'groom' are glittered actually.  You couldn't see it clearly because of the camera effect.

Added the 3D sticker 'Happiness' sentiment next to the big vanilla coloured felt flower.

The baby pink chipboard 'Bride' sentiment is glittered too.

You noticed that I also decorated the ledge on each of the frames.  I especially love this one.  I added on the Mini Alpha Stickers from October Afternoons to form the word 'Our Wedding', on top/behind the glittered light lime green chipboard sentiment 'Vows'. 

Hope this inspires you ;).

- Susan -

Monday, December 10, 2012

Craft Rooms

We love being organized but being organized is also very hard for us.  Haha!  There will always be some lame excuses for the after-math of every of our craft sessions.  At all times when it happens, the room or the table or the space, will be unrecognizable!!!  That is how messy it is.  Haha!

However, just like any other crafters, we love looking or browsing images of other crafters' Craft Rooms, and see how they creatively decorate their Craft Rooms or how tidy and organized they are.  And then, we will end up sighing in envy.  Which is not good.  Nobody created the mess but ourselves anyway, and nobody but us is responsible to clear and clean up in the end.

Anyway, so these are some of our favorite Craft Rooms pictures that we love, and hope to follow one day soon *guilty smile*.  We hope they will inspire you too.

Happy crafting peeps and stay organized.  Hehe!

- Susan - 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's the 6th day of December.  Already??!  We hardly have the time to breathe and it is already the end of the year.  We don't even know whether to freak out, go into a fit, run around screaming like it's the end of the world, or just pass out for a week.  Maybe freaking out is preferable because the rest are too dramatic.  Haha!  

Nevertheless, as the year comes to an end it is a norm that we like to have a recap of what this year has unfolded for us.  For LLC, it has been hard.  We faced a lot of difficulties, blockage and uncertainties but at the same time, we also learned a lot.  We hurt, we healed, and we moved on.  But give up...we will never.  And I can say on behalf of both Evonne and I, that the only word we have for this year's recap is GRATEFUL.

Grateful for this talents and gifts that God has given us.  Grateful for our focus in using them for His glory.  Grateful for the strength and courage that He gave us when we fumbled and fell; we managed to get up, dust ourselves, and move on stronger than ever.  Grateful for our approach in dealing with difficulties.  Grateful for having all the opportunities given to us.  Grateful for all the people who supported us.  Grateful for friends and family.  Grateful for where we are now and having made it this far.  Grateful for having each other to fall back on.  Grateful for the beauty of the world and its people that has inspired us tremendously.  Grateful for the promise of a new become better and spread our wings according to His will :).

We don't have any particular plans for the new year except for one.  That is to see the launching of our new Online Shop.  There is not much to say about it right now and we don't want to be too excited but to just embrace the slow and easy process of it.  Lots of prayers have been lifted up for this.  May next year be more blessed :)

With this, I leave you with some pictures of an Easel Card that I've made recently ordered by a client during the Xmas Baazar over the weekend.  

- Susan -

Monday, December 3, 2012

Post Xmas Baazar

Hi peeps!  We've been silent and we're sorry.  I cannot really tell why but let me share one of the reasons here.  It was partly because of the Xmas Baazar that had just happened over the weekend starting from last week on Thursday.

It was organized by the SIB churches this year and we're very grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in the Baazar.  The response wasn't as loud as the last two years but the sale was still good for LLC.  Praise God for that :)!  We met new people, and learned some new things.  We survived the strong wind and the heavy, windy rain.  And thank God too that we've all survived the mosquito bites from the 3 nights.  No complaints of severe itch, reddish skin or scars....yet.  Haha!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the sale. 

We would like to thank the organizers, and everyone who have come and supported us in every way during the Baazar.  God bless all your good hearts for all that you have done for us.

Till the next post, keep on crafting and stay safe.

God bless :)

- Susan -

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