Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 18

Happy Thursday friends:p!

Our theme for this week's challenge is to make a card with pictures of a Puppy or Kitty...hehe.

Evonne has chosen an image of a girl with her Kitty. She told me that she'd coloured the image with pencil colours...nice job Vonne;p. And I love the wordings that she used...not forgetting the colour coordination for the card...lovely.

As for mine, I found this cute Puppy image from the website with it's long ears met up to shape a heart which I find so adorable. I carved it out to make a simple vintage card.

Till the next challenge, keep on crafting guys:p!

Left: LLC#WC18S (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC18E (RM15)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 17

Happy Friday everyone! Lalalalalaaaaa....hehehe. (I just had to do that:p!)

This week's challenge is about School! Anything that relates to school theme - classes, books, activities, or graduation and lots more. Evonne and I chose Graduation;p.

From the photos below you can see that they are very simple and fast to make. Yup, we needed to do some simple cards presently due to our tight schedule..especially Evonne.

Her card looks really cool. I love the wording sentiments that she used and the rest of the embellishments that helps to add character to the card. My card was created with some left over scrap papers. I just add the word stickers 'Grad' (I just love playing with word and chipboard stickers), and some embellishments on the side...and voila! My simple creation...hehehe.

Till we meet again next week for another challenge, keep your creative juices running people...never keep them coz it would be a great lost! God bless:p!

Left: LLC#WC17E (RM15)
Right: LLC#WC17S (RM10)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 16

Hi everyone!

It's our 16th week challenge....which is a week late! Oopsy...sorry for that ya. Sue & I had been pretty busy lately..well more so for me...whooh..!

Nevertheless, we will always have time for crafts and here are our creations!

The challenge is that we're to make use of circle punches in our cards. Enjoy! :)

Left: LLC#WC16S (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC16E (RM15) (Sold)

Susan's card is a floral one. She used her circle punch on the stem of the flower. She also used love punches for her leaves. How cute is that!
As for mine, it's an orangee citrusy bubbly one... kinda makes me feel like drinking some orange juice right now..hehehe :)

Sorry again for the late update. We'll be updating the next challenge real soon!
Til then happy Tuesday y'all!
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