Lovely Discovery - Wednesday

Today we're gonna share our discoveries on Striped Straws.  Have you ever drank with one in your glass?  We are so happy for you if you've had the experience.  Those things are just so cute and adorable aren't they?  We've been wanting to experiment making them but we don't have a reason to do so...yet.  Nevertheless, there's absolutely nothing wrong with finding some tips on how to make them, right?  

So here's some lovelies that we found:-

Striped Straws - Valentine

Of course, it doesn't have to be Valentine's for you to do this.  This is gorgeous for couples, or even for a themed event.  The possibilities are endless.  I (Susan) am day dreaming already..hehe.

Go HERE for the complete how-to.

Washi Your Workspace

Eeeeek!!Sorry...I'm so hyped and excited when I saw having an acute sugar rush!  Haha!

These are so freakin' cute!  Won't you be so happy to go to these for work?  They just fill up your workspace with cheers and happiness!  Hehe!  Yup!  I am very high alright!  Haha!  But caution, only do this to your own belongings...not your colleagues' and definitely not your bosses'!  Haha!

Well, they too have a complete how-to column on this so hop on to Brit + Co for your sugar rush!  I mean...the tips.  Hehe.   

And that wraps up our discoveries today.  We don't want to overwhelm ourselves too much.  Hehe.

Toodles all and have a great day ahead :D.

God bless.

Susan & Evonne



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