Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (L) # 57

Woot!  Howdy!  Another post here for weekly challenge from 2S4U.  So yes, we're still behind by 2 challenges but we're still seeing happy days.  Just to be able to follow without participating (yet) is already considered a privelege.  We know we'll catch up pretty soon..*wink*...not till after 1st week of Sept though.  We're up to something at the moment.  Shh...  Teeehehehe!

2S4U WC (L) # 57

Another simple and bright Congratulations card from me here.  Still not satisfied with the photo shots...blurry and not clear.  Sigh.  "Shall I get myself a DLSR instead?" I thought.  Hmm...just a thought.

So, take care and be well.
- Susan -

Howdy y'all! Evonne here. :) Here's my card for the weekly challenge. Enjoy!

2S4U WC (L) #57

Monday, August 16, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (K) # 57

Hello everybody! It's Monday...and to ward off some Monday blues away, here's my card for the weekly challenge. Let's soak up the sun y'all!

2S4U WC (K) # 57

While making this cards, I was really wishing that I was at a nice beach somewhere having loads of fun & sun!
p/s I made the orange umbrella out of paper cupcake holder & bamboo stick...hehe. ;)

That's all for now! Ciao!


It's a cold Tuesday morning now and I love it!  It's been so warm for too long already.  I guess that inspired Evonne to do the 'sunny summery' card.  Hehe!

2S4U WC (K) # 57

Here's my take of the challenge.  I wanted something simple and bright.  Happy colours for a Congratulations card would just brighten the receiver's heart, don't you think?  Hehe.

Till the next challenge...Live your life, Love your life, and Craft your heart out!
Peace...I'm outta here!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just because

Hi y'all!

It's Fridaaaay! My almost favourite day of the week! Hehee.

Well, here are some creations I did the past week (haven't managed to get the challenges done tho but one is on the way!).
Anyways, the first is a large size (A4 sized) card, ordered by my aunt for her gal pal who's celebrating her 56th birthday soon. She requested for something bright preferably orange in colour with yellow ribbon. And here it is! My burst of sunshine card! :)

Item: LLCHMC032010-e

The next card is a birthday card too. I just felt like playing with my circle punch and a some crepe papers. Here it is!

Item: LLCHMC042010-e

That's all for now. Have a great weekend everybody! I know I sure will. I'll be cooking up some crafty stuffs..yum! Stay tuned! ;)

Signing off,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (L) # 56 and Others

It's August already...can you believe it?!  It's too fast for me lately as there are so many things that I want to do on crafting before the jingle bells stops ringing and then suddenly we'd see fire works welcoming the new year ahead!  Eeeeekk!  Nooooooo......! 

Enough of the sob episode, here's posting up my card created for Laura's sketch for the Weekly Challenge # 56 in 2S4U.  I want it to be simple and minimal so I just played with a grey cardstock, some flowery yellow and green ribbons (forgot how they're called actually..hehe), 2 cute die cut tags, some flowers and a button, and my tracing wheels to add character to the edge of the card.  Yup...I'm still addicted to the tracing wheels!

Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 56

Below is another card that I made.  I just felt like making a card with a black cardstock with a very simple design.  I played with a black cardstock, a big floral stamp I found in a bookstore somewhere in town, one sentiment stamp, some orange ribbons, and 3 various sized buttons.

Item: LLCHMC082010 - S

Hi, Evonne here! And....here's my card for the challenge! A little birthday wish for a frilly & thrilly birthday! ;)

Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 56
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