Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 15

Brrrrrrr! It's freakin' cold! Nevertheless, the Weekly Challenge must go on..haha! Yup it's "winter" so get ready your skating shoes or just warm up by the fire with a cup of Hot Chocolate...mmm sounds very nice :p.

Anyway, I picture a modern and minimal/simple Xmas feel in my card this time. I might use this concept for all my Xmas cards this year...just might...they're fast to make anyway, since Evonne and I are starting to rush for orders and stocks to sell for Xmas already. For my card, I used bright coloured modern Xmas themed wrapping papers, a silver flower, and some ribbons. To add some more Xmas feel to it I added some snowflakes brads which I got for my Xmas gift from Evonne last year...hehe.

Evonne's card has a warm feeling to it while still maintaining the winter Xmas theme. Don't you just adore her snowman? Hehe. She used a bluish Xmas themed wrapping paper with lots of snowflakes motifs on it, added the snowman, completed it with some lace ribbons, and added a snowflake brad too...sooo adorable, you couldn't help but smile when you see it..hehe.

There you go...we've completed our Four Seasons' challenge now and we look forward to next week's new challenge. We haven't decided on it yet but any one of you are welcomed to suggest any challenge (s) for us :p. Take care and God bless :p.

Left: LLC#WC15S (RM10) (SOLD)
Right: LLC#WC15E (RM10)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 14

Leaves have fallen and it's getting chillier...that's the sign of Autumn. For Autumn make believe Evonne and I have made 2 cards each as usual.

Evonne's card is pretty interesting this time around..something different. It's simple yet I love the way she portray a scenery where leaves were falling from the tree, with the gloomy clouds. It kind of reminds me of Halloween at the same time. Hmm...maybe we should have Halloween as our next theme...hehehe.

As for my card, I used a wrapping paper that's got some leaves' motif to make it Autumn-ish (is there such word? I think not.). And then I used some crepe paper to create character to it. Added a little more Autumn touch to it with some embellishment...and then there you have it, my very own Autumn card..hehe.

Till then, get ready coz it's gonna snow real soon...hehehe.

Left: LLC#WC14E (RM10) (SOLD)
Right: LLC#WC14S (RM10)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 13

Summer is here! Hehehe... It's so fun to make believe sometimes :p. So below are our masterpieces for the Summer theme.
Evonne's creation is so adorable with lots of flowers adorned on the card. I love her white lacey ribbon and the cute little so cute! Hehehe...! Mine is created with the feel of vintage. Yea...I was sooo inspired by this one particular blog that Evonne and I found a couple of days ago. Check out! Truly amazing works I must say! So I tried mine hands-on...not enough vintage for me actually (really have to build that confidence level more now...LOL) but that'll do for a start.
Fall is coming just around the corner (next week) enjoy the Summer breeze while it lasts..hehe.

Left: LLC#WC13E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC13S (RM10)

Below, one extra card for sale.
LLC#HMC011S (RM10)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weekly Challenge # 12

Can you smell that Spring is in the air? Hehehe... It's just a make believe, unfortunately. Evonne and I took up another one of our friend Jo's challenge this time, which is 4 Seasons;p. So we decided to take up one Season per week starting with Spring Season this week...hehe. Thanks Jo for this's so fun:p!

I made a very simple card with the intention to enhance the picture...a cartoon picture of a duck holding some Spring flowers...which I adore so much! Hehe. I carved the picture and elevate it with some foam pads. I just love the cute..hehehe.

Evonne's card is very bright and cheerful. It can easily make you smile and brighten up your day...well, it sure did to me the first time I saw the card...hehehe. I love the little cat/bunny embellishment that she used to decorate the card cute:p. Not forgetting the die cut sentiment...everything just fits in nicely.

Until 'Summer' next week...enjoy the 'Spring' flowers:P

Left: LLC#WC12E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC12S (RM10) (SOLD)

Ooo below are some other cards for sale as well:

Left: LLC#HMC11S (RM10)
Right: LLC#HMC12S (RM10)
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