Friday, December 25, 2015

Have yourself a merry & blessed Christmas!

We at Live-Love-Craft would like to wish everyone a
Merry & Blessed Christmas 2015!
During this season of giving, let us take time to slow down 
(Susan & I would really need that, right now, hahaha!) and enjoy the simple things.  
May this wonderful time of the year touch your hearts in a special way
 and remind us of that glorious day when Jesus Christ was born!  

Wishing you all much happiness today and
throughout the New Year 2016!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Crafts!

Hi everyone, Evonne here. For the past weeks I've been caught up with some orders for Christmas cards. It was quite a challenge for me because the Christmas cards have specific themes. The initial planning stage took quite awhile. Once I've figured out what to do, it was smooth sailing, well with a little tweak here and there. It was such a great relief to have them finally done! :) Here they are!

The first card is an easel card and it goes with the cute & quirky theme. I used a glitter tree deco and embellished it with some buttons, glitters and a mini lady bug. The little cute reindeer is a print out which I cut out by hand haha and I embellished it with a pair of wobbly eyes with eyelashes and a red acrylic nose! :D

The next card is a half A4 sized card. The theme is subtle colours and simple. But I just had to go glitter with the snowflake hehe :p

The third and last one is an A4 sized card with a glitter & glam socialite theme. This one was quite a challenge to figure out haha! I decided to go with a sexy red super high heeled glittered Christmas boots as "stockings". ;) Would you wear these for Christmas? Hehe!

So that's my Monday updates! Had such a rough morning today. Updating this blog had me diverted my attention. Well, I hope this post has helped ease your Monday blues as well. :)

Have a great week ahead! It's 4 more days til Christmas! ;)

Much love,

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2016 Calendar (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Evonne here :) Just as we promised in the previous blog post, this is the handmade calendar that I did. The frame is actually a photo frame but with some tweaks, I made a calendar out of it! Hehe. And i tried to go with a clean & simple theme for the calendar. Really happy with the outcome!

Have a great Wednesday!

Stay blessed,
Evonne & Susan

Thursday, December 10, 2015

2016 Calendar

Hello everyone!  We've been having this intention of creating Calendars for gifts and personal use.  So this year, we made it a point to create some.  We got some inspirations from the internet and just went ahead and do it.

And here are some that I've made recently.  Getting another 2 more done in this couple days.  I created these with the normal classic frames, while Evonne is creating them with another type of frames.  She'll show you her creations in the next blog to come.

So happy with the results.  Please leave a comment if you have some other ideas on how to make desktop Calendars similar to these, or other stuff you might want to share here :)

Happy Friday you all!  15 more days till Christmas!  Weeehooooo!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hello December! (what happened to November??)

Hello December! (and we're still running around like a headless chicken haha...since last month!) It's the time of month where we find ourselves in the most busiest times! At LLC, we have come up with some handmade greeting cards for Christmas! Here are some of my creations! For any orders, kindly email us at

Stay blessed!

Much love,
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