Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (K) # 56

Greetings Earthlings!

Here's posting up my card created for Kazan's sketch # 56 for 2S4U. This is a real quick card coz I made it in about 30 minutes! Most of my cards would consume an hour of my time...or so...eeek! not good!

Down to the details; I used a baby blue cardstock, layered a patterned paper on a lime green cardstock (trimmed the edges with scallop scissor) on top of it. I cut out the sentiment and layered it on top of an orange cardstock, and placed it on top of the lime green cardstock. Lastly, I used my tracing wheels to line up the edges of the patterned paper. Thanks to Cindy Lee for introducing the ever so-much-fun tracing wheels. Now I'm addicted to it!! Ngeehehe...... 

Item: 2S4U WC (K) # 56

- Susan -

Hello, Evonne here! For this challenge, I tried out a new technique called Iris Folding. This technique originates from Holland. Colour cordinated strips are taped into place over a pattern, creating a spiralling design that resembles the iris of an eye or a camera. I had fun discovering this new technique..a lot of folding & taping! Here's my iris butterfly card (Half A4 size)...

Item: 2S4U WC(K) #56e

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (K) # 55

Hello & Happy Tuesday everyone!

I managed to sqeeeze some crafty juices last night and make two cards! Oh yes...the crafty juices were finally unleashed! Haha! Loving every moment of it! Here's my card for Kazan's Challenge #55. Am loving the polka dot ribbon. Adorable isn't it?? ;) And the tiny sentiment in the middle says "For you".

Item: 2S4U WC (K) #55e

Til then, happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (L) # 55

Hello all! We're happy to post up our cards created for Laura's 55th Weekly Challenge. It's really fun to be able to at least follow their challenge. We're looking forward to participate in the Challenge sometimes soon. Hehe.

Here's a card I made using red cardstock, orange cardstock for the middle layer...trimmed with scallop scissors and lined the edges with a tracing wheel, and some left over cardstock for the squares on top. I used a flower motif rubber stamp and inked it with light pink pigment ink on top of the brown square cardstock, and used a rubber stamp Thank You So Very Much sentiment inked in silver colour pigment ink on top of the black cardstock. Finally, I added a big paper flower and a large button on it.  Tada!  Hehe...


Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 55 - S

Fyi, Evonne will be a little bit delayed with her card creations as she is quite occupied with some stuff at the moment.  She will be back with us soon;p.

Here I am! Evonne signing in...with my card for the challenge. This time, I learned how to make ribbon flowers. They're pretty easy to make! You can find the tutorial here: how-to-make-ribbon-flowers's my card!

Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 55-e
RM20 (Half A4)
Evonne ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge (L) # 54

Here's posting up for Laura's sketch for Weekly Challenge # 54.  Sorry that the picture is a bit blurry...sometimes the lighting effect doesn't help that much.

I used an orange cardstock, with some red and pink cardstock for the layers, some left over wrapping paper (teehehe) that I have, and clear stamps (forgot the name..hehe).  Oo not forgetting the tracing wheels I used to line the edges.

Love this card to bits.  It can be a birthday card or an invitation card to a posh and glamorous party..*wink*.

Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 54

Hey all! Evonne here! Am back on crafty mode! Heheheee! It's goood to be back (still slightly off track but am trying my best to catch up on the challenges). Here's my HELLO card for Challenge #54. Just wanna say a big "HELLO!!"...after missing in action for a bit...hehe. ;)

Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 54e

Til then, have a blessed & crafty day ahead!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2S4U WC (K) # 54

On catching up mode here...posting to follow the mentioned Weekly Challenge.  No pressure here's just that I was quite free last weekend (as in no orders), so I managed to make another card for this challenge. 

Kind of a Retro-themed card with blue card stock, bright and loud flower images, layered with some silver ribbons, yellow card stock, white ribbons, a circle "hello" glittered sentiment, and some acrylic flowers.  A nice combo to send a hello to someone who may need some cheering up, I think.  Hehe...

Item: 2S4U WC(K) # 54 - S

Thanks for dropping by:p

- Susan -

Evonne here! I'm a little left behind (oopsy, hehe) but's my card for the challenge. Let's celebrate in blue...with a tinge of red & phink! ;)

Item: 2S4U WC(K) # 54 - E

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2S4U Weekly Challenge # 53 by Laura

Yes, we're left behind in the challenge.  Waaaaay behind actually but since we're not participating in the challenge...just following the challenge, so it's okay.  We don't want to rush or pressure ourselves but to have all the fun offered by these 2 lovely ladies (Laura & Kazan).

Evonne's card is full of cuteness!  A summery themed with a cute little birdie, cute embellishes, on top of a corrugated paper and cute patterned paper...just so cute!  Card base is earth tone...I suppose.  Hehe.

Item: 2S4UWC (L)#53 - E

I created a teddy bear-themed card.  Layered some orange, red and black papers behind the images..added a printed sentiment on top of an embossed white paper.  Card base is brown colour.

Item: 2S4UWC (L)#53 - S

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hi all! We're very very sorry that we have to skip our weekly update for this week.
But no worries, we'll certainly be back next week! So stay tuned! ;)
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