2S4U Weekly Challenge (L) # 55

Hello all! We're happy to post up our cards created for Laura's 55th Weekly Challenge. It's really fun to be able to at least follow their challenge. We're looking forward to participate in the Challenge sometimes soon. Hehe.

Here's a card I made using red cardstock, orange cardstock for the middle layer...trimmed with scallop scissors and lined the edges with a tracing wheel, and some left over cardstock for the squares on top. I used a flower motif rubber stamp and inked it with light pink pigment ink on top of the brown square cardstock, and used a rubber stamp Thank You So Very Much sentiment inked in silver colour pigment ink on top of the black cardstock. Finally, I added a big paper flower and a large button on it.  Tada!  Hehe...


Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 55 - S

Fyi, Evonne will be a little bit delayed with her card creations as she is quite occupied with some stuff at the moment.  She will be back with us soon;p.

Here I am! Evonne signing in...with my card for the challenge. This time, I learned how to make ribbon flowers. They're pretty easy to make! You can find the tutorial here: how-to-make-ribbon-flowers

And....here's my card!

Item: 2S4U WC (L) # 55-e
RM20 (Half A4)
Evonne ;)


  1. Yes, i will be back...next week! Hehehe..! Currently am being challenged to make about 140 bookmarks in 2 days! Yikessss! Please bear with me at the moment...while I gather my sanity back this weekend. ;)


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