Just because

Hi y'all!

It's Fridaaaay! My almost favourite day of the week! Hehee.

Well, here are some creations I did the past week (haven't managed to get the challenges done tho but one is on the way!).
Anyways, the first is a large size (A4 sized) card, ordered by my aunt for her gal pal who's celebrating her 56th birthday soon. She requested for something bright preferably orange in colour with yellow ribbon. And here it is! My burst of sunshine card! :)

Item: LLCHMC032010-e

The next card is a birthday card too. I just felt like playing with my circle punch and a some crepe papers. Here it is!

Item: LLCHMC042010-e

That's all for now. Have a great weekend everybody! I know I sure will. I'll be cooking up some crafty stuffs..yum! Stay tuned! ;)

Signing off,


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