2S4U Weekly Challenge (L) # 57

Woot!  Howdy!  Another post here for weekly challenge from 2S4U.  So yes, we're still behind by 2 challenges but we're still seeing happy days.  Just to be able to follow without participating (yet) is already considered a privelege.  We know we'll catch up pretty soon..*wink*...not till after 1st week of Sept though.  We're up to something at the moment.  Shh...  Teeehehehe!

2S4U WC (L) # 57

Another simple and bright Congratulations card from me here.  Still not satisfied with the photo shots...blurry and not clear.  Sigh.  "Shall I get myself a DLSR instead?" I thought.  Hmm...just a thought.

So, take care and be well.
- Susan -

Howdy y'all! Evonne here. :) Here's my card for the weekly challenge. Enjoy!

2S4U WC (L) #57


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