Weekly Challenge # 14

Leaves have fallen and it's getting chillier...that's the sign of Autumn. For Autumn make believe Evonne and I have made 2 cards each as usual.

Evonne's card is pretty interesting this time around..something different. It's simple yet I love the way she portray a scenery where leaves were falling from the tree, with the gloomy clouds. It kind of reminds me of Halloween at the same time. Hmm...maybe we should have Halloween as our next theme...hehehe.

As for my card, I used a wrapping paper that's got some leaves' motif to make it Autumn-ish (is there such word? I think not.). And then I used some crepe paper to create character to it. Added a little more Autumn touch to it with some embellishment...and then there you have it, my very own Autumn card..hehe.

Till then, get ready coz it's gonna snow real soon...hehehe.

Left: LLC#WC14E (RM10) (SOLD)
Right: LLC#WC14S (RM10)


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