Weekly Challenge # 15

Brrrrrrr! It's freakin' cold! Nevertheless, the Weekly Challenge must go on..haha! Yup it's "winter" so get ready your skating shoes or just warm up by the fire with a cup of Hot Chocolate...mmm sounds very nice :p.

Anyway, I picture a modern and minimal/simple Xmas feel in my card this time. I might use this concept for all my Xmas cards this year...just might...they're fast to make anyway, since Evonne and I are starting to rush for orders and stocks to sell for Xmas already. For my card, I used bright coloured modern Xmas themed wrapping papers, a silver flower, and some ribbons. To add some more Xmas feel to it I added some snowflakes brads which I got for my Xmas gift from Evonne last year...hehe.

Evonne's card has a warm feeling to it while still maintaining the winter Xmas theme. Don't you just adore her snowman? Hehe. She used a bluish Xmas themed wrapping paper with lots of snowflakes motifs on it, added the snowman, completed it with some lace ribbons, and added a snowflake brad too...sooo adorable, you couldn't help but smile when you see it..hehe.

There you go...we've completed our Four Seasons' challenge now and we look forward to next week's new challenge. We haven't decided on it yet but any one of you are welcomed to suggest any challenge (s) for us :p. Take care and God bless :p.

Left: LLC#WC15S (RM10) (SOLD)
Right: LLC#WC15E (RM10)


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