Weekly Challenge # 12

Can you smell that Spring is in the air? Hehehe... It's just a make believe, unfortunately. Evonne and I took up another one of our friend Jo's challenge this time, which is 4 Seasons;p. So we decided to take up one Season per week starting with Spring Season this week...hehe. Thanks Jo for this challenge...it's so fun:p!

I made a very simple card with the intention to enhance the picture...a cartoon picture of a duck holding some Spring flowers...which I adore so much! Hehe. I carved the picture and elevate it with some foam pads. I just love the duck...so cute..hehehe.

Evonne's card is very bright and cheerful. It can easily make you smile and brighten up your day...well, it sure did to me the first time I saw the card...hehehe. I love the little cat/bunny embellishment that she used to decorate the card with...so cute:p. Not forgetting the die cut sentiment...everything just fits in nicely.

Until 'Summer' next week...enjoy the 'Spring' flowers:P

Left: LLC#WC12E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC12S (RM10) (SOLD)

Ooo below are some other cards for sale as well:

Left: LLC#HMC11S (RM10)
Right: LLC#HMC12S (RM10)


  1. Sue, it's a bunny hopping away...on my card. Not a cat. Haha! ;) Your duckie's feet are adorable..!

  2. Ehehee...thanks for the clarification :). Sooo cute kan the duck...eheheheheheehehe!!!


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