Weekly Challenge # 13

Summer is here! Hehehe... It's so fun to make believe sometimes :p. So below are our masterpieces for the Summer theme.
Evonne's creation is so adorable with lots of flowers adorned on the card. I love her white lacey ribbon and the cute little butterflies...ooo so cute! Hehehe...! Mine is created with the feel of vintage. Yea...I was sooo inspired by this one particular blog that Evonne and I found a couple of days ago. Check out http://bodilsscrappeverden.blogspot.com/! Truly amazing works I must say! So I tried mine hands-on...not enough vintage for me actually (really have to build that confidence level more now...LOL) but that'll do for a start.
Fall is coming just around the corner (next week)...hehe...so enjoy the Summer breeze while it lasts..hehe.

Left: LLC#WC13E (RM10)
Right: LLC#WC13S (RM10)

Below, one extra card for sale.
LLC#HMC011S (RM10)


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