Travelers Notebook Inserts

I celebrated my 12th Years Wedding Anniversary last weekend, and I thought I would document it in a TN instead of an album, just for a change.

Coincidentally enough, I was watching one of Dearly Dee's YouTube videos a few days back about making TN Inserts out of scraps, and I wanted to give it a try.  My TN cover wasn't really from scraps but more of a few leftovers patterned papers that I hoarded from their original pads.  And a TN Insert (the one on the left) was created.  

I was so happy I got carried away and created another one (the one on the right).  Haha!  I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet.....maybe for another album...I don't know.  Or should I list it up in our online shop?  Hehe.  Let me know 😉

Time to get some lunch ready for the little one.  Catch you later Lovelies.

- Susan -


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