Weekly Challenge # 26

Hey all! Hope your week is going splendidly..hehe. Time is seriously waiting for no one. I blinked and Monday was gone! I think if I were to blink some more....the WHOLE week gone aa..! Aiyooo! Hahaa! For this week, I would like to put up some of my A4 sized creations. They were challenging alright! Kinda rocked my brain a bit...but don't worry it's still in good shape nonetheless..hehehee. It's the biggest size I've done so far. (and yes, we shall include this size in our orders!) And I have to say that I'm pretty proud of the outcome. Here they are...my "big babies"..hehe. ;)

This card was ordered by my aunt for her friend who's celebrating her 70th birthday! And she's having a birthday bash with yellow as her theme colour and hence a yellow ribbon tied to the card (makes me wanna sing that oldie song eh...hahaha). ;)

And here's a card also ordered by my aunty for her friend who just gave birth to a baby boy! I decided to make a pretty funky designed onesie..which I totally adore! And stamped the words 'It's a boy!"

Phewh...to make two cards of two different ages...one who is celebrating 70 years of life and another celebrating a birth of a new life, kinda requires me to do some mental adjustment..hehe! Well, am just glad my mission was accomplished! Yay! Oh, I would love to know what y'all think? Do drop by & post some comments ya! ;)

I would be posting some Chinese New Year cards & V-day cards soon! So stay tuned!

And that, my friends, is it for now!


  1. hello dear,
    i'm new in all this thing craft, n just doing my blog!!~!...
    i'm become your follower bcoz a lot of pretty handmade card of yours,

    i really like your design for baby card,
    its realllyyy nice because of tat baju.
    ceria sangat, n how you doing tat? eheh,

    hv a nice day with cutting,glue the papers.
    ahha :))

  2. Hi Pelangi! U are most welcome to follow our crafty journey, hehe. Thank you!
    Oh, the baby card...well I printed out a pattern of a onesie and enlarge it to a size that I wanted and I cut out the pattern paper according to it and stick it onto a thicker piece of paper...and there u have it! :) It's very simple. Just needs a lot of patience.

    U have yourself a nice crafty day too! ;)


  3. Another two beautiful cards nicely done..kudos vonne! Can't tell from the photos it's size A4 if u didn't say so! I like d one wif the baby baju.. very creative!

  4. Thanks Jiahang!:) Hmm...i think I should take a picture of my card with another object to compare it's size hoh...


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