New Beginnings

Hellooo 2010!!
How's everyone doing? Hope you had a great Christmas & New Year celebration! Live.Love.Craft is back! And has a lot of looking forward to this year...with more ideas & creations! Yup...sound very bersemangat eh..hehe. ;)

Well, we've got two great news to share...!!

One is that Sue is now a mama! She gave birth to a beautiful & healthy baby boy on 29th December 2009! Praise God! And congrats to Sue & hubby, Alvin! :)

And our next good news is that Live.Love.Craft has been reviewed! Shia Lynn, who owns an arts & crafts blog ( & she writes about anything that has to do with creativity, approached us not too long ago & said that she's interested to do a review on us! We're so excited about it as we've never been reviewed it's really something new to us! We got our review on 28th December 2009. She featured some of our crafty creations and even has her own favourite! How awesome! And here's the link of the review. Check it out!
Thanks Shia Lynn for her wonderful review on us!! We love it! Keep it up! :)

What great news to welcome the new year, don't you think?
So here's to another great year ahead for Live.Love.Craft! Cheers! ;)


  1. Evonne & Sue!! Read the review and that was awesome! You two deserve it.

  2. Hi Maggie! Thanks so much! Heheh..and thank YOU for your support to us from the start.. ;)


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