Getting Back Into The Groove

I made this layout somewhere in May this year and I made it very simple.  When my October Citrus Twist Kit came couple days ago, I took out my Travelers Notebook and thought of making a new layout.  Instead (as most times), I browsed through my previous layouts and read them all again, remembering the moments of every stories in the layouts.  It was pretty nice actually :).  

This layout was the last one.  See how long I've not been creating in my TN?  *facepalm...sigh*  Anyway, the layout was very simple and kinda plain.  So I took out some of the Stickers from the kit and embellished the layout.  Took the photo frame stickers and put it on top right of the photo, some flower stickers and added them to the bottom of the journal column, and added some word stickers on to the left top side of the photo.  Now the layout looks much better and more complete :).

I'm going to try to keep up creating in my TN now, among other things.  Gotta keep crafting.

Till the next post, take care Lovelies! 😗

- Susan -


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