Planner Addict: Week 3 - July

Hello crafty friends! And..hello the month of August! 

Well, I'm bringing you back in time...about two Saturdays ago, we celebrated Sarawak Day! It’s a day to commemorate our beloved State’s Independence Day!

In honour of this special day, I used the theme colour of our Sarawak flag…black, red & yellow for my weekly spread. I still love doing those calligraphic writings for my quotes, bible verses & sentiments. :) 

One of the bible verses that struck out to me that week was from Proverbs 23:18. There was such a great sense of conviction & comfort to me as I read this verse. And I took time to write down this verse on my planner in the Sunday slot as a great reminder for me. :)

And here's my weekly spread..

That's all for now!

Happy Independence Day, my beloved homeland, Sarawak! May God’s blessing be upon you & His favour upon her people!

Have a great start to a new month, everyone! God bless!

Much love,


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