Handmade Rustic + Nature Themed Wedding Invitation Cards

Hello friends!

For today's post, we just want to share a project that we did recently. We received an order to make rustic + nature themed wedding invitation cards for a couple who will be getting married in Bario Highlands! How awesome is that! We came out with several samples and the couple decided on this design, which we think is very suitable for the wedding theme. :)

Here they are!

We used craft paper as the backing paper, printed out the wordings on a thick cardstock with a mountainous scenery at the bottom. For the top part, we made a bow out of jute twine, topped it with a silver bling and tied the bow onto a tikar-like paper. And...we repeated the process 100 times, haha! 

We're really happy & proud with the outcome of the wedding cards as it is also our first wedding invitation card order. We too hope the couple is satisfied with our handiwork! :)

Much love,
Evonne & Susan


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