Planner Addict : Week 1 - June

Good Monday morning! 💕

Hope you had a great weekend! And let's start the week with positive vibes! 😄

I am sharing with you my planner layout for the 1st week of June. We in Sarawak, Borneo celebrate the harvest festival on 1st June, each year. So I was back home for the Harvest Festival holidays, which we call Hari Gawai. It was really great being home and on holiday! Yiippee! There were lots of preparations being made for Hari Gawai..the shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning etc etc..whooh! But as tiring as it may sound, it was lots of fun because you get to spend time with family.😍 Well, enough of my Gawai story..Lol! Here's my planner layout for the Gawai week.

I mainly used my floral & leaf pattern washi tapes & I still haven't gotten over the calligraphic writing craze, hehe! It's a very simple & clean layout. 
My hands were itching to add more stuff but I held myself back and told myself to be OK with the blank spaces..Lol! 

Here's to a great week ahead! 

Til my next post, stay awesome & be blessed!

Much love,


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