2S4U Weekly Challenges (by Laura) # 52

Hi there! We're so happy to be back after a long silence from the craziness of life and the long Harvesting (Gawai) Festival's holiday.  We wish we could craft everyday...or at least most of the days like before, but somehow things are a little bit different now.  Suddenly, we found ourselves less crafting nowadays...which is real bad.  But, nevertheless...(heads up high), we still can slot some time for crafting...very importante for de-stressing my friends!  So...yes!  No matter how slow, but we're still around and here sharing with you our creations for 2S4U Weekly Challenges # 52 by Laura.

Evonne came up with a very cute card with a heart shaped embellishment in the center. So so tweeeet I must say! Hehe. As for mine, I did a baby-themed card with a baby girl's pink dress in the middle. It's my first baby girl's card actually..hehe.

Just a refresher, just let us know if you're interested in any of our cards (old or new), and we'll advice you if a copy is possible.

So, until the next challenge...take care y'all ;p.

Item: 2S4U WC(L)#52-E
Price: RM10

Item: 2S4U WC(L)#52-S
Price: RM10 (SOLD)


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