How to : Make your own Washi Tape Holder


Today I'll be sharing with you, a DIY project that I did recently. It's a DIY washi tape holder!

I have realised that my washi collection have been growing & I have used up all my small transparent containers to store my stickers. Where, then do I store these washi tapes? So, this has prompted me to come up with a DIY project to store my washi tapes. I don't want a usual storage box but rather something that is different and at the same time making sure my washi tapes are visible (for easy access) yet presentable hehe. 

So, here are the 'ingredients' that you will need to make this washi tape holder.

1. An old & unused chopstick or you can use the disposable ones that you get for free each time you tapau (takeaway) noodles from the Chinese hawker stall.

2.  Used jar lid

3. Washi tapes

4. Ribbon (small size)

5. Hot glue gun / strong glue

6. Embellishments such as buttons, sequins etc

The main ingredients are simply just an old/disposable chopstick & a used jar lid.

Firstly, take your favourite washi tape and "washi" the jar lid and take your ribbon of choice and wrap it around the chopstick & use the hot glue gun to bind it.

Once you have got that done, get that hot glue gun and adhere the chopstick to the middle of the 'washi-ed' jar lid. Let it dry completely and then you're ready to embellish it. I used some rickracks, buttons & sequins as my embellishments.

Lastly, gather all your washi tapes & arrange them into the holder. 
Viola! It's done!

And there you have it, a DIY washi tape holder! You can make more of these holders and arrange your washi tapes according to colours or prints for each holder and let them sit pretty on your craft table! How cute is thaaat!

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you'll give this super easy DIY a try!

Much love,


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