Planner Addict : Week 2 (April)

Hello all!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great & meaningful Easter weekend! 

I'm sharing with you my Easter weekend planner layout. This time, I am working on my calligraphic handwriting style hehe. My past week has been very hectic juggling work, music lessons, craft orders & ministry work. I had no time for myself and my quiet time with my Creator has been close to none! Made me feel so guilty! I just rush through my days with a quick prayer & "thank you Jesus". Not good at all. So, on Maundy Thursday, I made time to have some quiet reflection and did this layout...

It was therapeutic, I must I write each letter with care, mindful of the meaning it brings, contemplating which curve to be bolder than the others & trying to get them in a straight line (almost haha)..I felt a sense of peace. An interesting & fulfilling process 😊 😊 In the end, I was very happy with the result, though I do think I need more practices haha.

Til my next post, thanks for stopping by! Have a great & productive day 😍

Much love,


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