Journaling in my TN

Hi there Lovelies😉😊!  Happy Friyay😆! We survived the week again and here's cheering up for the weekend.  Woohooo🍸!  So what's your plan for the weekend? Having full slots in your Planner...or are they totally blank?  Either way, it's all good because it means that you can either have a fun filled weekend or a peaceful and quiet one.

So here's sharing a journal in my TN this week.  I'm getting really obsessed with these TNs and loving the decorating/scrapbooking processes in each one.  For my personal journal here, I decorated the pages in advanced so I'll just fill them up with my brain vomit (haha!) whenever I'm ready and on the go.

Using washi tapes, 1 sentiment sticker, sentiment clear stamp, date stamp, flower die cut, and a heart shaped foam sticker, I managed to make this within 10 minutes max.  It's really that fun, simple and quick.

People say we can heal through writing.  I'm not sure myself...but I do find that ever since I started writing again, I feel somewhat less stressful.  Feels like the weight on the shoulder has lessen a little...bit by bit.  Is it a coincident or not, I don't know.  But it felt that way recently.  My perspective of things changed a little too.  Well, if that is the case, then I am glad and thankful.  Because I know I needed so much to heal...from present, and especially past wounds.  And I have read a quote somewhere that says "You will not heal if you keep on touching the wounds."  That was really an eye opener for me...a hard knock on the forehead.  So yeah.....let's keep writing and journaling shall we?  And let those stories be written and poured out so they'll no longer weight down our souls.

Emotions aside, and till my next journal post....toodles Lovelies.  Enjoy your weekend, keep on crafting, and God bless.  Bye😘😉!




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