Planner Addict: Week 9

Hello Lovelies πŸ’•!  I am trying to deny the fact that March is just 2 sleeps away!  It can't be, right?!  How is that possible πŸ˜•?!  It hit me in the forehead quite hard last Saturday night as I was decorating and planning for this week.  I almost blurted the curse word and the little boss was sitting just next to me.  Phew πŸ˜–!  Thank God for quick reflexes!

Anyway, having to accept that fact, here's my Weekly Pages for this week...Week 9...before the pen.  

I focus more on happy and gratitude quotes, figuring I needed to remind myself to take care of myself more each day.  It's a good reminder for everyone of us to attract all the positive energy in us in starting ahead on a new week or day.

Next I'll be sharing on how else we can use this Planner other than for Daily/Business/Journaling.  I'm excited to share it you and I'm loving this Planner more and more each day.  Hehe!

So go and be great lovelies!  And keep that crafting wheels rolling!  Toodles πŸ˜—!

- Susan -


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