The Colour Purple

Hello everybody!👋

I hope you're holding up well through this week..though it does seems that sometimes it's an uphill crawl 🐢🐢 through the middle of the week and then the weekend euphoria happens, and after that plummeting down 🎢 🎢 with a crash and you find yourself facing Monday again 😭  Lol!

Just to brighten your midweek, I am sharing with you the cards that recently made for an engagement. 

It is a card order from my colleague, whose son is getting engaged. The Malay tradition in Sarawak has it that the guy's side (pihak lelaki) of the family has to prepare a document/certificate known as "Watikah Pertunangan"..for both sides of the family. These documents/certificates will be signed by the representatives and witnesses from both sides during the engagement ceremony.👫💕 

I was asked to make 2 cards for the "watikah pertunangan". One for each side..the guy's & girl's side. The cards that I made were half A4 in size, with the theme colour purple 💧💧



I mostly used my die-cut machine for this card 💕

The "Watikah Pertunangan"

Glittery purple! 🎇

The two cards side by side 💖 💖

Much love 💖


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