How-to: Use your planner effectively

Hello peeps!

How many of you have “Be more organised” as one of your New Year’s resolution? (Well I’m one of them! 🙋 Lol!) I believe one way to get things (or rather, life) more organised, is by using a planner. 📖📌📎 Live-Love-Plan planner to be exact…hehe *promo moment*

Our Live-Love-Plan planner comes with a monthly page spread, a weekly page spread & note pages.📖

The monthly page spread – plans out schedule for your entire month (where you put in dates for birthdays, anniversaries, important events etc.)

The weekly page spread – plans out schedule for your upcoming week (i.e. daily tasks, to-dos, appointments & meetings). The weekly page is a 2-page spread that allows you to view your entire week and each day is divided into 3 columns (i.e. morning, afternoon, night), making your weekly planning much easier.

The note pages – for you to list your ideas & jot down notes, important details, memos etc.

These pages will allow you to get things more organised & your priorities set!

This brings me to share with you how to use your planner effectively. Having a planner can be a very effective way to stay on top of things that has to be done. But first thing’s first, you gotta USE your planner, in order for it to be effective haha! No planner will help you get organized unless you use it & I mean, use it properly & regularly. Say goodbye to dust-collecting-planners or i-look-pretty-just-sitting-on-the-bookcase-planners!

An effective planner should help you focus on your most important tasks instead of showing you how much work you still need to do in a short time. Having a priority list is important!

Here are some tips on how to get started & use your planner effectively:

Use it daily
It’s important to use your planner daily. Those who are new to using a planner may find it a bit of a hassle. But once you lock it in the system (get it stuck in the brain), and make it a point to use it, you’ll find it more manageable. It will take time, however, but just keep it going…you’ll be a planner addict in no time! 👏 Lol! To help you to use it daily, take the planner with you everywhere (well, except the toilet haha), make it a habit to check it often & keep it somewhere visible.
 Getting real
Be realistic. Do not over-schedule daily tasks. Being too ambitious can be hazardous for your soul!💀 Don’t schedule more than you can handle or you’ll find yourself frustrated, demotivated or at the verge of turning into The Hulk. We definitely wouldn’t want that to happen to any of you.

 Time to review
Set aside time to review your day. It’s time to tick off those to-do lists (ahh…that sweeeet sweet feeling of ticking off those done tasks!😎) & make new ones. You can do it daily or weekly. For daily reviews, it could either be early in the morning, before you start off your day or the night before, whichever suits you more. And for weekly reviews, it could be done on Sunday evenings/night or early Monday mornings. As for me, I would sit down on Sunday evenings (with my hot cup of coffee, of course!) to review my week & plan the upcoming week. As for my daily tasks, I would try to constantly check my lists as often as possible. And that works well for me!

 Embellish, embellish, embellish
Embellish it! Put some glitter & sparkles on it!🎇🎇Let your creative juices flow! Just like what I’ve share in our previous blog posts, as a crafter, I cannot help but add in colours and embellish my planner pages with stickers, quotes, doodles, washi tapes etc etc! It truly is a fun stress-reliever & makes you excited about your weekly planning even more! Furthermore, by embellishing it, you’ll make it more personalised! Thus making the planner totally your style, unique, one-of-a-kind & bearing your creative “thumbprint”! It’s something that you can’t do on a lappy 💻 or even a smartphone📱 (hah!).

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to using your daily planner effectively to plan your days, weeks or maybe even months ahead.

Tell us what tips or strategies have helped you use your planner effectively? Do share them with us.

And if you have bought the Live-Love-Plan planner, do tell us how have you used it, what do you like about it or what do you think can be improved?

Til then, happy planning! Have a great weekend!🎉🎉

Much love 


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