Hello November!

It's November already! 

While I don't want the days to go by too fast, I am eagerly looking forward to Christmas and wanting it to come real soon..LOL! It's those 'yes, but no, but yes' kinda feeling.

For me, November has always been the month of reflection (before the Christmas & Year end frenzy comes..haha!). I look back on the past 10 months or so and remember moments, days, events, experiences. A wave of emotions comes, bringing forth a bittersweet taste of the 10-month or so life of 2016 and at the end of it all, I'm just thankful to have gone through all those, be it bad or good, and that it has brought me here, now. Still surviving, alive & kicking haha!

Enough of being all emotional & reflective, I shall leave you with a thank you card I made recently for a pastor who came for a visit to our parish and had the opportunity to share during our Teenz class...

May your day be a great one!

Much love,


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