Land of the Hornbills


I came to a realisation that even though I am a native born and bred in the Land of the Hornbills, this was the first Hornbill themed card that I've ever made in my how many years of crafting!! Oh dear! How could this be?! There have got to be more hornbills on my cards in the future haha! (*note to self)

This card was an order from a friend for her ex-colleague who left Miri to return to her homeland in the UK. 
She loves hornbills and this was a parting gift for her. (I can't believe that this card will travel all the way to the UK! Gasp!)

It was indeed quite a challenge to get the right patterned papers, cutting out the hornbill manually (if only i have a Silhouette machine *dreaming on*) and the placement of the embellishments, sentiments etc. In the end, I was well pleased with the outcome :)

Much love,


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