Chinese New Year throwback!

Hello all! I just remembered that I've not shared my Chinese New Year creations yet!! Yes, the festival was more than a month ago..LOL! I was watching Fresh Off The Boat last weekend (Love that sitcom! So hilarious!) and the episode was about the Huangs celebrating Chinese New Year and it occurred to me that I've not updated my Chinese New Year crafts on the blog yet haha! 

So, here they are, my #throwback Chinese New Year 2016 cards!

These easel cards were ordered by a church member who would like to give these cards to her family & friends. She wanted the cards to have bible verses in them as well. So, the verses I used were mainly of giving thanks and on God's love & provisions :) 

I used mainly reds and gold..since it's the colour of wealth & good fortune for the Chinese culture (that was what Mrs. Huang kept repeating in Fresh Off the Boat lol!)

That's all for now! Looking forward to watching the next episode of Fresh off the Boat haha!

Til then, have a great day ahead

Much love,


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