Christmas Crafts!

Hi everyone, Evonne here. For the past weeks I've been caught up with some orders for Christmas cards. It was quite a challenge for me because the Christmas cards have specific themes. The initial planning stage took quite awhile. Once I've figured out what to do, it was smooth sailing, well with a little tweak here and there. It was such a great relief to have them finally done! :) Here they are!

The first card is an easel card and it goes with the cute & quirky theme. I used a glitter tree deco and embellished it with some buttons, glitters and a mini lady bug. The little cute reindeer is a print out which I cut out by hand haha and I embellished it with a pair of wobbly eyes with eyelashes and a red acrylic nose! :D

The next card is a half A4 sized card. The theme is subtle colours and simple. But I just had to go glitter with the snowflake hehe :p

The third and last one is an A4 sized card with a glitter & glam socialite theme. This one was quite a challenge to figure out haha! I decided to go with a sexy red super high heeled glittered Christmas boots as "stockings". ;) Would you wear these for Christmas? Hehe!

So that's my Monday updates! Had such a rough morning today. Updating this blog had me diverted my attention. Well, I hope this post has helped ease your Monday blues as well. :)

Have a great week ahead! It's 4 more days til Christmas! ;)

Much love,


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