Hello November + an announcement!

Whaaaat?????!!!!!! How did November arrive so fast!?!?! *runs around like a headless chicken* 

Sorry for the dramatic intro..hahaha (I just had to!) But, seriously, this year is going by too fast! I have to agree with Snoopy..someone indeed has pushed the "fast forward" button! Please pause for a bit! There's so many things to do before the year ends! (Now, where's my 2015 resolution list?) Lol! 

Anyway, I would like to make an announcement (the actual reason for this post), for LLC..we will have some new handmade stuffs coming out soon! (really cute, really pretty & something new!) So, stay tuned ya!

And while waiting & since Christmas is literally 51 days more to go, we would like to know what are your favourite handmade items to give as Christmas gifts for friends/family/colleagues? Let us know what you think! :)

Stay blessed!

Much love,


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