Altered Photo Frame with Post Cards

Hi there!  So today I was doing a frame alteration.  A dear friend bought a couple of Christian post cards and thought of framing them.  She has an old frame that has few scratches on it already and asked me if I could do something about it.

And this is what I did today.  I went for a grunge look for the frame and the insert of the frame.  I sand, buffered, and kinda weathered the frame...even on the edges of the post cards.  If you ever decide to try this, it is easy...but make sure to put on a face mask before you start your work because you don't want to end up breathing in all the dusk from the sanding.  Clean the frame up nicely after you're done.  I used a wet tissue first as it helps to clear off all the dusk, before using a small kitchen cloth to dry it off nicely.

Before.  The frame with the postcards.
I mixed the inks for the corner and middle stamping.  Black and brown makes a good weathering effect for this one as it matches the frame.  I also inked all the edges of the off white colored paper that I used as a background for the postcards.

Added a single glitter to the middle stamp.

Love the weathered effect on the postcards :)

Finished product :)

And that's about're all done!  Pretty happy with the result today, and I'm glad the owner likes it too ;)

Catch you later :)!  xoxo

- Susan-


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