DIY Project : Twine Wrapped Jar

Hello all! 

Today I would to share with you, a weekend project that I recently did. 

I love collecting used jars and then I'll store them in the hopes of making good use of them one day soon haha. So, one of those days came and I thought of upcycling my jar by wrapping it with twine so that I can turn it into a pretty flower 'vase'. It's a really simple project for anyone to do!

All you need is... 
1. A used glass jar or bottle
2. A roll of paper twine (I bought mine at Daiso)
3. UHU glue (or craft glue)
4. A whole lot of patience (LOL!)

Once you've got your "ingredients" ready, it's time to wrap your twine around the glass jar. I worked my way from the bottom up (doesn't really matter which way you wanna go, actually). Spread some glue onto the jar (not too much, else you'll get into a sticky situation haha) so that your twine will stick to it. This part can get quite messy. You will be trying to make sure your twine is tightly wrapped (leaving no gaps in between) & not 'senget' (slanting or uneven) rows while putting the glue onto the glass row by row ( I hope you can imagine it the way I'm trying to describe this haha). Keep on wrapping the twine (slowly & patiently) around until your desired length. And're done! You can also add some embellishments such as buttons, acrylic stones (i call them bling-blings), pearls or paper flowers onto the jar too.. But I prefer mine simple, just only with the twine. :)

Now you can arrange your favourite flowers in the jar and put it at a perfect spot in your home. :) I put mine on the window sill at my kitchen sink hehe. So now I have a nice view while I'm doing my dishes hehe.

The weekend's coming soon, so give this fun project a try! ;) 

Share with us a picture of your creation! We would love to see them!

Have fun crafting!

Much love,


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