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I (Evonne) was quite a busy bee last week..while juggling the never-ending office work tasks, I am given a crafty task as well! A friend of mine, Sharon, requested me to make a guestbook for her mum's a.k.a Aunty Cecilia's 60th birthday + retirement party last Saturday. :) I think the last time I made a guestbook was a year ago! Yikes! So, I dived into the guestbook project..and after a week of toiling, brainstorming, huffing & puffing (haha!)..I meant, cutting, arranging, glueing, punching, wrapping etc...here is the end result!

I was given the freedom to choose any theme..as long as not to include so much of the colours yellow & green, hehe. Since I was given pictures of Aunty Cecilia during her younger days..and so I thought a vintage theme would be appropriate :)

I love using these paper flowers! I layered them and topped them off with a metal flower brad, transparent button and mini paper flower :)

Thank God I have enough letters from my pink chipboard to spell "60th Birthday". Yay! :)

A side view of the guestbook. The purple paper which I used has some sort of a fabric feel to it and is embossed with floral patterns. I got them from my aunty Minda a few years ago..all the way from UK hehe. Glad it finally found a perfect purpose! And the vintage rose patterned paper was purchased in KL at a DIY shop (something like Super Save in Miri). Who knew this kind of store sells craft items especially patterned papers! Surprise, surprise!

The first page of the guestbook..with Aunty Cecilia's pictures from her baby picture to her recent picture..with a snowman. How cute! :)

I sure hope she likes it! Hehe. And after finishing this project, I feel like making another one haha! The engine has warmed up! ;) 

Well..stay tuned to my next project!

Til then, happy crafting!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan


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