Mother's Day Handmade Crafts

Hi! Just dropping by to share with you some handmade crafts that I (Evonne) did for Mother's Day this year! :)

The altered jars made a comeback this year! I made them for Mother's Day last year as a gift for my grandma, mummy and aunties. Here they are...this year's Mother's Day altered jars filled with Choclairs which were available at our box shop at Like-A-Box.. 

In addition to the altered jars, I've also made a pocket flower card for the box shop. I used pink felt flowers which are available at the Golden Dragon store in town. Had fun making this cute thing, hehe :)

And last but not is an altered frame which I did for my mummy. I picked several of my favourite family pictures and put them together in a white frame, embellished it with felt flowers, butterflies, quotes, verses and some bling-blings (one just can't get away from 'em).

My favourite picture of me & my mum. 
I think I was about a year old in this picture :)

My family picture..taken in 2010 during our trip to KL. This was our dinner at TGIF!

My favourite picture of my mum & brother. Having fun with some dinosaurs at 
the Jurassic store in Universal Studios Singapore!

"God's most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a Mother's heart" :)

Glad that this gift arrived in Kuching in one piece..phewh! :) Looking forward to make more altered frames soon!

That's all for now from us and do share with us what crafts you did for Mother's Day! <3 span="">

Much love,
Evonne & Susan


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