Hello Monday!

Hi y'all! It's Monday! And what better way to start off the morning by sharing with you some of my recent creations! After a hectic several weeks due to the Holy Week & Easter celebration, I (Evonne) am glad to be back on my feet (or rather hands) to make crafts! Yay!

Here is a a simple birthday easel card I made for a friend's birthday & graduation last weekend.. I just love the combination of pink, silver, white & black :)

And here are some altered notebooks (small) I made, which are for sale at our box shop :) Love those quotes! Aah..I might want to make a stamp which says "Live well, love much & craft often!" (hmm..could be the motto for LLC!) Hehehe!

Here are some more recent handmade cards I made for my friends..themed with words of encouragement for their future endeavors as they move to a new place for study/work..

Well, that's all for now..I hope that I made your Monday a bit brighter with these handmade crafts! :) Have a great & blessed day!

Much love,
Evonne & Susan


  1. Hi there, I am new to Miri...just moved here few months back. I have visited your little "shop" in Bintang Mall. Just wanted to tell you guys that I love your cards and note book decors.... really love it. Keep up your work and hope to see more of you. You have blessed me.

  2. Hi Aarti! Welcome to Miri! Hope Miri is treating you well :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment..and we are glad to be that channel of blessing! Do you make handmade crafts as well? - Susan & Evonne


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