Lovely Discoveries - Wednesday

Hello folks :)

It is the time of the week again for Lovely Discoveries.  

Key Hangers

This is sooo cute!  It's so cute that I felt like whooshing out of my seat and head towards the nearest hardware shop to get those little hooks and then head straight back home because I know I have a few untouched new frames there just waiting for me to get my hands on them and create something like this.  However, sadly, I didn't whoosh out of my seat straight away...just in case you were wondering.  Haha!

But this is so lovely, don't you think?  Head on to the website HERE for the full tute :).

Stripes On Fan Panels 

This is a-ma-zing!!!  Why on earth didn't I ever think of this?!  You can do this for the ceiling fan or standing/table fan in your craft room, or even anywhere around the house (that is if you really have a sporting husband...or parents...or if you're single and staying alone..hehe).  Super easy to make. This fan was painted but you can use washi tapes too instead ;).

Try it!  You'll love it.  Go HERE for the tute link.

Oo by the way, make sure the fan is switched off before you start with the project.  Hehehe!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This only shows how versatile a mason jar can be.  I have a few mason jars that could be made into something like this.  Let's see if I can quickly finish the liquid hand soap at home, ditch the dispenser but take the top part and use it on one of my own mason jar.  Hehe.

But for those of you who can make it soon or now, go HERE for the how-tos.

Till then...Keep Calm and Craft On, peeps :)!


- Susan -


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