Lovely Discoveries

It's time for some lovely discoveries :).

Pretty Lace Flower Pots

These are so lovely!  I (Susan) have lots of laces at home but I never have thought to glue them on to any of my flower pots.  But now I know some of them will dressed up with laces pretty soon.  Haha!

Here's the link to the how to.

Cute Fabric Smartphone Cases

We have tons of pretty and cute smartphone cases in the market but I do want to share this one with you.  I find them so adorable and having one custom made for you is just perfect because you get to choose your colours besides having other add ons like the key hooks as shown in the picture and the tab buttons to secure your phones inside the cases.  Now all I need to do now is to get myself a sewing machine!  Huhu!

You can find the how to link here.

Till our next discoveries, keep on crafting.  God bless :).


Susan & Evonne


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