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Hello all!

I (Evonne) would like to share with y'all a craft project that I did for my cousin, Elaine's wedding! Initially, she wanted me to help her to come up with a wedding guestbook.. However, our aunt went to Perth for a vacation and bought Elaine a wedding guestbook from Vera Wang (uhuh!). How lucky is she?! Anyways, she still wanted me to do some 'crafty magic' to the guestbook. I gave her some ideas and we came up with making mini notecards! Wedding guests will be given mini cards to write their words of wisdom & encouragement to the bride & groom and later on, Elaine & her hubby can arrange all the written notecards into the Vera Wang guestbook. 

Elaine also decided to get the florist to prepare a small tree with lots of branches, whereby guests will be asked to clip their notecards onto a ribbon & tie it to the tree & display them at the entrance to the ballroom! How cool is that! And it's indeed something different from the usual wedding guestbook. 

So, I had to do a total of 450 notecards (several designs) with a pink & purple colour theme (!!) & I managed to get love shaped wooden clips from a local bookstore, PBB at Emart hehe (sooo cute!). Once I have done the notecards (phewhh!), I decided to arrrange them in a box which I altered & it serves as a display as the guests can pick & choose which notecards they want to write on. It was so exciting, during the day itself..helping the guests out & explaining to them all about it hehe! Was indeed really proud of the creation! :)

Here are the pictures, to share! (I apologise for the blur & horribly taken pictures!). With the rush & tons of things to do that day..I just couldn't take proper pictures anymore haha. 

Anyway, enjoy! :)

 The mini notecards all arranged in the altered box

 The cute mini love shaped wooden clips!

The tree...adorn with beautiful messages from the guests!

Lots of love,
Evonne & Susan


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