Baby Boy Card & Sonamu

Hello there!  How's your first week of the new year?  I hope it was grand for you :).  We've just had our few brainstorming sessions for LLC.  God's willing, there will be new things coming up.  Hop in often to check on our updates ya ;).

Anyway, here's the first card to be posted.  A card for a baby boy, made for one of my colleagues who gave birth recently.  It is a half A4 card.  I found the felt embellish pack from a local bookstore and had a super fun time making the card with them.  And super easy too :).  But sorry for the quality of the photo.  I was in a rush and didn't have the time so I just took the picture with my smartphone.  I forgotten to adjust the setting too.  Or maybe it's time to get me a new smartphone.  Hehe!

On a totally non-related note, here's a weather report that we've just received in the news.  For those of us who are staying in the East of Malaysia (Sarawak),  it is predicted that the Sonamu Tropical Storm will hit the West Coast sometime this week.  Some places could have already been hit.  This condition of strong wind and rough sea is dangerous to all coastal and shipping activities including those working on oil platform.  So please be extra careful and alert.

Till then, stay safe and take care peeps!

- Susan -



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