Craft Rooms

We love being organized but being organized is also very hard for us.  Haha!  There will always be some lame excuses for the after-math of every of our craft sessions.  At all times when it happens, the room or the table or the space, will be unrecognizable!!!  That is how messy it is.  Haha!

However, just like any other crafters, we love looking or browsing images of other crafters' Craft Rooms, and see how they creatively decorate their Craft Rooms or how tidy and organized they are.  And then, we will end up sighing in envy.  Which is not good.  Nobody created the mess but ourselves anyway, and nobody but us is responsible to clear and clean up in the end.

Anyway, so these are some of our favorite Craft Rooms pictures that we love, and hope to follow one day soon *guilty smile*.  We hope they will inspire you too.

Happy crafting peeps and stay organized.  Hehe!

- Susan - 


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